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Join us for a taste of vacation!

Delicious Haitian & Canadian Food just a click away ---->

Welcome to Margo Caribbean & Canadian Cuisine

Margo offers a variety of Haitian dishes such as griot, legume, tassot cabrit, boulettes and much more. Margo also offers a variety of Canadian favorites such as chicken wings, hot dogs, fries and of course, poutine! There is something for everyone to enjoy. The flavors and ambiance will transport you on vacation!

About Us

Margo Caribbean & Canadian Cuisine is a place where good food, great ambiance and island vibes reside. It's a place for friends and family to feel good and eat good. Just like the Caribbean represent sun, warmth, love, adventure, relaxation, getaway, Margo is all that blended with a peaceful and yummy Canadian flair....we want your experience from Margo to bring you to the ultimate place.....

We also offer....

Catering and Deliveries!

Make any of your special events, a Margo event!! Wedding, Birthday, Baptism, etc. Please call us to discuss!

Ready to order?

606 Rideau Street, please call 613-241-1400


1563 Bank Street, please call  613-421-4005

Margo Caribbean & Canadian Restaurant

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